The second of my environmentally-friendly Lucy Crump books. I also designed and built the iPad app, which was released December 2013.



​​The Crumpton Storm is a picture book app for kids aged 3 to 6. English, French and German versions are included in the one app (with audio, music and huge assortment of sound effects).

Featuring Lucy Crump, it is the story of a rainy day in a small seaside town. Although the day begins like any other, little Lucy watches as the skies darken and the rain sweeps in from the sea. But Lucy isn't worried - when the storm breaks she knows that there will be more than just puddles outside her front door... 

Crumpton-on-Sea is a vivid, wonderful place - a snoozy seaside town painted in bright contemporary colours. It is a place for any kid with an inquisitive love of animals, nature and the environment around us.



The finished app was created using Demibooks Composer Pro. Images were first storyboarded, then hand-drawn, before being broken down into constituent parts in Photoshop. These were modelled, animated and rendered (using Arnold) in Softimage XSI and composited using Nuke. Adobe Audition was utilised for audio recording and manipulation.